FOTD 4/29

I wanted to play around with my new Max Factor Mascara. *Please ignore the fact that I did not fill in one of my eyebrows*

A look at the lashes...

On my eyes: UDPP; LDL Purple palette (I got this for 70 cents on clearance at TJ Maxx!!); NIK Eyeshadow Pencil in White; HIP Liner in Eggplant; NYX Liner in Black; Wet and Wild shadow in Cream; Max Factor Vivid Impact Mascara in Blushing Blue

Face and Lips; Smashbox Camera Ready Concealer in 8; Bare Minerals Powder Foundation in Deepest Deep; HIP Bronzer in Thriving; Revlon Sculpting Blush in Berry Daring; Milani Liner in Black Brown and Max Factor Pomegranate Fusion (purple side)

FOTD 4/27

Here is my Sunday church look. I like it and then I don't like it.

On my eyes: UDPP; NYX Shadow Pencil in French Fries; HIP Shadow in Playful; Coastal Scents Mineral Shadow in Fawn; Wet and Wild Shadow in Fine Wink (highlight); Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Liquid Liner in Blackout; Wet and Wild liner in Black

Face: Smashbox Camera Ready Concealer in 8; Bare Minerals Powder Foundation in Deepest Deep; HIP Bronzer in Thriving; Revlon Sculpting Blush in Berry Daring

Lip: Milani pencil in black/brown and gloss in Dream

Mini Haul 4/25

I have 3 coupons for Ulta that I am determined to use. Since I can't use them at the same time I am forced to make numerous visits until I can get rid of them.

I love OPI Nail Lacquers but I'm not really fond of the 8.50 price. So needless to say I was a tad excited when I saw that that they were 3.99 on clearance. From left to right Brights Power which is like a Crayola orange; Magnifico Mexico which is like an orange with shimmer in it; Fit for a Queensisland, a white with a purple shimmer to it. I am determined to make white nail polish work for me so I figure a shimmery white would be better than a plain Wite-Out white; Purple Pizzazz Frost, I actually got this at Target. It's a purple with a blue mixed in.

This is what the Brights Power looks like. I have 3 coats on. 2 coats was kinda streaky. I like it its a serious orange and looks pretty in the sun. I think its a great summer color.

I can't remember where I first saw the Max Factor Vivid Impact Mascara's ads. I think it may have been in one of my numerous magazines. Wearing color mascara wasn't new for me. I lived in blue mascara in high school and a few years ago I rocked a black cherry mascara by Loreal. What caught my eye about these were the idea of adding a highlight to my lashes. This week they're buy one get one free at Ulta so I figured I would give the a try and see how I felt about them. From left to right 24 Karat Brown, which is a brown with a gold highlight and Blushing Blue, a blue with a pink highlight. I love them!! The highlight adds a punch of color. The best part is they seriously lengthen your lashes. I was actually stunned at how long they looked. They come in 5 colors and I plan on getting them all and maybe try some of the regular mascaras.

I also got a lip gloss in Pomegranate Fusion. That's the pink and purple tube in the picture. It's one of those long wear glosses. The pink is the 8 hour long wear lip color and the purple adds depth. I don't normally wear colored glosses. I have a ton of glosses in varied tones of the same neutral shade. I really liked the purple so I figured I'd give this a try. I like it. I only wore it for 2 minutes so I can't tell you if it really lasted for 8 hours like it proclaims it does. I found that pink can't be worn alone it really needs some thing to go on top of it because it dulls when it dries but when you add the purple it's really pretty.

Overall I am pleased with my Ulta purchase!!

FOTD 4/20

This is the look I wore to church. I really like this.

On my eyes: UPDD; HIP Cream Shadow Pencil in Meticulous; HIP Duos in Shady (brown side) and Reckless; Coastal Scents Mineral Shadow in Fawn; Wet and Wild Shadow in Cream, Very Sexy Liquid Liner in Blackout; NYX Liner in Black

On my face: Bare Mineral foundation in Deepest Deep; Smashbox Camera Ready Concealer in 8; Revlon Golden Affair Sculpting Blush in Berry Daring; HIP Vibrant Shimmering Powder in Thriving

On my lips I had on my Milani black brown liner and my soon to be gone Very Sexy Lip Lacquer in Pink Slip

FOTD 4/19

I was messing around with my shadows and this is what I came up with. I think I could have done a better job blending the pink and the purple. Virtuous Blue suggested I use my NYX Glitter Palette as a liner. I tried and didn't work out too well. They would not spread. I tried 3 brushes and none of them worked it just clumped up. I'm going to keep playing with it because I really like the palette.

On eyes: UDPP; HIP Duos in Shady (brown side), Reckless, HIP Pigment in Fiery, HIP Creme Liner in Eggplant; Wet and Wild shadow in Cream (highlighter); NIK Shadow Pencil in White, NYX Liner in Black; Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara

On my face: Bare Mineral foundation in Deepest Deep; Smashbox Camera Ready Concealer in 8; Revlon Golden Affair Sculpting Blush in Berry Daring; HIP Vibrant Shimmering Powder in Thriving
On my lips I had a black brown liner by Milani and a Victoria's Secret Lip Lacquer in Pink Slip. I love that color and of course it's been discontinued. Off to ebay I go to try and find it.

Yes that Moinistat...

I'm sure you've heard by now about Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel being a dupe for Smashbox Photo Finish and other primers. I tend to stick to the basics (concealer, foundation, bronzer, gloss and mascara) for day to day and wear a full face when I go out which is when I usually wear primer. I have an issue with my eyelids creasing. When I'm getting my glamor girl on I have no problems but day to day it never fails that by mid-afternoon my lids look like oil slicks and there is a pool of makeup in the fold of my eyelid. So since the Chafing Gel is a summer staple of mine anyway why not try it on my on my face.

This is the before...

And this is after 5 hours of being out and about...

Overall I'm happy with it. Though there is some slight pooling on the left lid the right looks pretty good to me, and both look better than what they usually look like. I should have taken a picture of what they normally looks like. I may do that and add it so y'all can see a true comaparison. The Chafing Gel does turn your face into a velvety smooth canvas. My makeup application went on smooth and looked great at the end of the day.

Check this article out for further information.

Reading is fundamental!! Imgine my surprise when I'm getting ready to prime my face and see itching cream on the label. So if you choose to go the Monistat as a primer route please make sure you get the Chafing Relief Powder Gel and not the itch cream like my fast behind did.

Valana Minerals

My Valana Minerals prize came yesterday!!

I am so in love with this brush! It is is so so soft. It feels lovely against my skin. It had no smell and did not shed when I washed it. I can't wait to use it. Well I can't wait to use the angled shadow end. The liner end is somewhat soft so I'm not sure how it will do when applying liner. I tend to like a harder brush when applying my liner.

My prize included 2 shadows, 1 cheek color and 1 bronzer.

From top to bottom: Eye Indulgence - Sage Spirit
Eye Indulgence - Mystic Lava
Blazing Bronzer - Bahia Tan
Cheeky Cheek Pots - Cheeky Orchid

The colors are gorgeous!!! They go on so smooth and look beautiful in the light. The best part is that everything is multi-use. Cheek and bronzer colors can be used on eyes and vice versa. I can't wait to use them. They have the right amount of shimmer in them that I think will be perfect for summer. I will defiantly be purchasing from her in the future especially since the makeup is formulated with woman of color in mind. Check her out.

Impulse Moment....

It started slow. The colors caught my eye so I looked at them but put it back thinking 1. I don't need it and 2. I have no clue what I'll do with them. So I go about my business but they are steady calling me. So I go back again. This time I put it in my basket and continue the rest of my shopping. Next thing you know I'm at the register telling myself I can do something funky with them.

The NYX Glitter Pallet is really nice but in all honesty I really don't know what to do with them. I have shadows the colors of the glitter so I figure I can add them in somehow. The thing is they don't spread that easy. The initial application is good but if you try to extend it they kinda fade. I don't think I can do a whole eye with them maybe just a corner. I'm going to play around with them and come up with something.

Random FOTD

I bought a really cute black dress for the summer and the accessory vision I have for it is gold. So I decided to mess around with some looks plus I wanted to try some of the new stuff I got. This is what I came up with. Overall I like it but I'm not sure about the checks. They seem a tad to rosy my me.

Eyes: UDPP; HIP Shadows in Shady (brown to define my crease), Flamboyant (gold side), Flare (orange side), HIP Cream Crayon in Attentive; Coastal Scents Mineral Shadow in Fawn; Wet-n-Wild shadow in Fine Wink as the highlight; Victoria's Secret Liquid Liner (upper lash line) NYX liner in Black (lower lash line); Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara

Face; Maybelline Mineral Power Makeup Foundation and Concealer ( the concealer was used under the eyes) in Dark 3; Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer in 8; HIP Vibrant Shimmer Bronzer in Thriving; Revlon Golden Affair Sculpting Blush in Merlot at Midnight


I used the Coast Scents stippling brush to apply my foundation. Let's just say I will be getting a MAC 187 or the Sephora #44. Yes I like the way it makes my face look but I'm not feeling having to use tweezers to pick the shed hairs off my face. I may use it for applying powders and see how that works. I don't know maybe the foundation is too heavy for it and it would do better with something lighter if that makes sense. Either way I will not be using it to apply foundation.

FOTD 4/13

Today I went with a natural brown look.

With flash...

Without flash...

On my eyes: UDPP; HIP Shadows in Brazen (brown side) and Shady; HIP liner in Brown; HIP Shadow stick in Authentic; Maybelline Shadow Stylist in Sultry Black, Define-A-Brow in Soft Black, Define-A-Lash Mascara in Brown Black; Wet-n-Wild Shadow in Cream as the highlight

On my face: Bare Minerals in Deepest Deep & Warmth (used as a blush); HIP bronzer in Radiant; Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer in 8

Lips: Milani liner in Brown Black & Crystal Gloss in Dream ( I think there's no name on it); Urban Decay Shine in Love Junkie

I called myself trying to document my steps so I could post a slide show on youtube. It didn't come out too bad but I really need to work on my lighting and taking pictures of my eye. Not sure if I'll post it. I commend all who post vids on youtube cause that is some serious work.

And the winner is...


A little while ago HomeSpaGoddess did a 3 parter on Valana Minerals. Valana Minerals makes mineral makeup specifically for people of color. I haven't tried it yet but I plan to since I am a mineral makeup fiend especially during the summer. I sweat like a sumo wrestler in a sauna so needless to say wearing too much or heavy makeup during the summer for me is a serious no no. I will never forget the day I was getting what I thought was my cuteness on only to find that my Iman foundation was literally rolling down my forehead. NOT GOOD LOOK AT ALL!!!

The 3 parter included a contest. I figured what the hey and entered and won!

My prize includes:

Eye Indulgence - Sage Spirit
Eye Indulgence - Mystic Lava
Blazing Bronzer - Bahia Tan
Cheeky Cheek Pots - Cheeky Orchid
Faux Collection - Dual End Eye Shadow/Liner Brush
Organza Gift Bag

I'll be giving a review later on this week.

Mini Haul...

Last week I went to Silver Spring and stopped by Ulta and Rite Aid and picked up some things. I've been on the hunt for a new concealer. Normally I use Bare Minerals in warm deep but lately it hasn't been working and leaving me ashy. I tend to like my concealers to match my skin so when I saw this one by smashbox I figured I would give it a try and see how I felt about it. It's the Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer in 8. So far I like it. It comes in a lipstick like package and goes on smooth and blends well.

I also picked up some face products by Queen Helene. I try to do a facial at least 1-2 times a week and this stuff is great!! It sucks out any impurities and leaves my face super soft. I also picked up a lotion. I' m a ash phobe so I always make sure to have some type of lotion with me at all times. Nivea is the one lotion I have found that leaves my hands soft all day opposed to some others I've used which have worn off after 2 seconds.

Rite Aid was having a BOGO sale on Revlon and HIP. I've been looking at the Revlon Golden Affair items for a while. I picked up 2 of their sculpting blushes, Merlot at midnight on the right and Berry Darling on the left.

Apparently you contour cheeks with them which is why they have the gold circles. The first time I used it I was heavy handed and had more gold than color on my cheeks so I looked a straight fool. I like the colors but think that they should have mixed the gold in with the blush color more. I found that swirling the brush like they recommend picks up more gold than the blush and will leave you with more than a golden glow.

Rite Aid and now Target are the only places that I ave found that sell the entire HIP line and not just the eye and lip stuff. I picked up 2 vibrant shimmer powders in Thriving. I have one in Radiant and I love it. It's very light and leaves a pretty simmer. Thriving I will say is slightly darker but it also leaves a light shimmer. I didn't mean to get 2 of the same color but they only had 3 and I was so pressed I didn't realize until I got home. I was going to exchange it but didn't feel like it.

Sunday 4/6 Look

This is the look I wore to church on Sunday, 4/6. It was a purple greyish look.

Without flash
With flash, I swore I had a highlight on before I left the house.

On my face: HIP bronzer in Radiant, Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation in Dark 3, Bare Mineral Deepest Deep was used as a concealer

Eyes: UDPP; NIK white shadow stick as a base; HIP shadows in Shady, the brown side to define my crease; Charisma, light side on my lid, dark side in corner and crease; Mischief, grey side in crease; Wet and Wild shadow in Cream as my highlight; Victoria's Secret Liquid Liner in Blackout; Define-A-Lash mascara in Black Brown & Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara in Black

Lip: Milani eye pencil in Brown Black; Milani Crystal gloss in I think Dream