Coastal Scents Brushes

So after watching a few reviews on the Coastal Scents brushes I decided to get some. My order came within a week wrapped in some colorful tissue paper. From left to right I got an angled blush brush, the duo fiber powder stippler brush, the flat top bronzer buffer brush, the chisel detail mini brush (I'm going to use it to apply shadow to my lower lash line), the angle liner brush and a kabuki brush.

The brushes are very soft. I did wash them before using and the the blush brush and the stippling brush didn't shed but the dye did run. There was no issue washing the last 3 brushes. Now the flat top brush and I had an issue - the stench. The other brushes smelled like the plastic wrapping that they were in. The flat top brush on the other hand smelled like bad breath mixed with a hint of death. It was disgusting. Thank goodness EnKoreMakeup on youtube had posted a video about Deodorizing New Brushes After quarantining the brush for a little bit and washing it again the smell was gone.

The flat top is my favorite brush. It's soft and does a great job of buffing in my powder. The stippling brush did shed the first couple of times I used it. That has seemed to stop and I love how it leaves my face looking airbrushed. The kabuki also shed the first time I used it. I haven't used it again since I mainly use my flat top brush for buffing. The only brushes that haven't shed when I used them are the blush brush and the flat top brush. I haven't tried the mini chisel brush or the angled liner brush yet. Overall I'm happy with my purchase. I paid a total of $34.31 with included shipping. I would buy from Coastal Scents again.

Included in my Coastal Scents purchase was a sample of their shadow. The color I got was Fawn and it's a really rich brownish bronze color. I've actually been looking for a color like it for a while. I will definitely be purchasing their shadows in the future.


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