NOTD Milani Ruby Jewels

If Dorothy’s ruby red slippers were a nail polish it would be Ruby Jewels. This is my color for Halloween and I love it! It’s a very pretty red and the glitter gives it just that little something extra. It looks so pretty in the sun! If you can’t find Ruby Jewels try Orly’s Red Carpet which is also a red with glitter. It’s just a tad bit brighter.

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CoverGirl Exact Eyelights

So I'm at CVS waiting for my refill of Albuterol (this weather is wreaking havoc on my lungs) and what do I spy in this weeks circular? I spy an ad for CoverGirl Exact Eyelights.

Designed to give you defined lashes with 4X brighter eyes.

Interesting…and just how will they do that?

The unique eye brightening formula combined with the patented no clump brush technology brings out the color of your eyes and gives you gorgeous clump-free lashes!

So you pick a color that compliments your natural eye color and voila you have instant brightness. Almay has something similar to this called Intense I-Color. Various eye makeup items that will enhance and compliment your natural hue.

The Eyelights (sounds like an old 50's all girl group) comes in 4 shades, Black Pearl for brown eyes, Black Ruby for green eyes, Black Sapphire for blue eyes and Black Gold for hazel eyes. The display comes with a color wheel to take all the guess work out of which color will work for you.

I figure it’s a colored Lash Exact mascara just not an obvious colored mascara. It just has a faint hint of color. So it’s kinda new but not really but it does have a pretty new package which I feel a strong need to have in my life.

I really like Lash Exact its right up there with my Max Factor Volume Couture, Lancome and Clinique. After being sucked in by the dark new Maybelline XXL packaging I was disappointed. It really didn't do much for me and the only time folks noticed my lashes was when I layered on my HG of the moment Max Factor Volume Couture.

Of course the CVS right next door doesn't have them, which would be way too easy. The CVS I did go to had them but of course that was the day everybody and they mama had brown eyes so all the Black Pearls were gone. I have read that it's available at Walmart which figures since it’s nowhere near me. I'll keep you posted…

*pics courtesy of the Drugstore Paparazzi

NOTD Milani Garnet Gems

This is a very pretty black with red glitter in it. It's would be a great Halloween color. It goes on very easy and 2 coats would be just fine. I prefer 3 coats so that is what you see in the pictures. Taking it off may be tricky. Since there is glitter in the polish the cotton ball tends to want to stick to the nail. Despite that it was really easy to come off and I used 4 cotton balls, 2 to take off the polish and 2 to clean up any residue.

Without flash
With flash

Natural Do 2 & Donut Making

I decided to do a variation on the up do I did here. Instead of crisscrossing my whole head I only did the sections of the front that were 2 strand flat twisted. To be honest the original style normally has me in tears by 3pm. Those bobby pins really, really hurt. I need to figure out a way to pin it with out stabbing my scalp in the process. So I did a pin/bun combo.

Flat twist/ 2 strand flat twist/ braid the front any way you like. I'm still trying to figure out a new style for my 2 strand flat twists so I just went with my old faithful.

I'll only be crisscrossing the 2 strand flat twisted parts.

Step 1: Start with whichever side you want, cross it over then pin it.
Step 2:  Repeat with the other side 
Step 3: Continue until you're done crisscrossing   
Step 4:  Put your hair in a ponytail 
Step 5: Take hair donut (more on this later) and pull pony tail through
Step 6: Spread hair around the donut and take an ouchless ponytail holder and wrap it around the donut
This is what you should end up with 
Adjust the hair to cover any gaps then tuck the hair around the donut 
Scuse the laundry in the background... 

You can buy the donut at the beauty supply store or your local drugstore. I made my original donut years ago. It was old and too big so I checked my CVS for one and had no luck so I decided to make another one.

Step 1:  Get a  sock, a knee high and scissors. When choosing a knee high I say go with one closest to your hair color is you can.  Since my hair stays some variation of black I went with the black knee high that way if I miss a gap you can't tell since the donut blends in with my hair.

I was trying to figure out which sock I was going to use. I ended up using the one on the left.

Step 2:  Cut the ends of the sock, and knee high

Step 3:  Start rolling the sock into a donut shape


You should end up with this:

Step  4:  Put the donut into the knee high

Step 5:  Pull the knee high through the donut center

Fold the knee high over the donut and continue pulling through the donut hole. Continue until your donut is completely covered

You should end up with:

This works great for relaxed and natural hair.  If I wash my hair on a weekday I wear a bun the next day so my hair can finish drying.  You can make your donut as large or as small as you like depending on the size of the sock you use, just make sure that your hair is long enough to wrap around the donut in order to cover any gaps.
I hope this was clear if not email me and I'll  be happy to clarify anything!

pony tail holder pic courtesy of scunci

Pretty Committee Cult of Cherry Fiesta

What better way to spend a Friday than hanging out with some beautiful ladies, chowing down on Mexican food and sipping on Swirl margaritas and Mojitos!!

Me, Shawnta of Peace, Love & Namaste; Cheryl 
 Me, Shawnta and Cheryl
 Me and Shawnta
On eyes: UDPP; HIP Paint in Witty (base); MAC Sharp (lid); MAC Tempting & Dark Edge (outer corner & crease); MAC Next to Nothing (inner corner); HIP Illuminating Highlighter- light side (highlight); HIP Cream Liner in Midnight Blue (Lower lash Line); MAC Deep Truth (lower lash line); HIP Eyeliner in Navy (waterline); Jane Pure Mineral Gel Eyeliner in Black (lash line); Maybelline XXL Extensions Mascara in Very Black

Face and Lips: Not Pictured: Bare Minerals in Deepest Deep & Valana Minerals in Amber Dream; (foundations used as concealer); MAC Blush in Plum du Boisl; Loreal Lipliner in Blackberry; MAC Lipglass in Cherry Blossom

Another great time, can't wait for the next one!!! 

Manish Love...

The pictures were what first drew me in, so bright and colorful…

Isn't pretty…I just love the packaging, just so bright, pretty and girly.  I had originally planned to get the palette, Devil blush and maybe a lip glass.  But I think it sold out in .2 seconds so I only walked away with the palette which is fine with me.

I really wanted Devil I thought it would look really nice on me as long as I wasn't heavy handed about it.  Ask me how I learned the importance of a light hand when applying blush…all I will say a hint of color is just fine and a smack of color should be left to clowns… 
Manish Arora: Powder Blush, Devil
Shade description: Bright iridescent coral orange (Satin)
Bottom line it's an orange blush. From the pictures I've seen of it seems to have a hint of shimmer to it.  So I figure why not just get an orange blush and add some bronzer to it and call it a day for a fraction of the price.  Milani makes a nice orange blush called Sunset Beach; it's a simple matte orange.

I wasn't able to get Devil so I got a Mineralize Blush in Gleeful instead. 

I also got another Cherry Blossom lip glass.  Granted it's just a pink gloss and I have plenty of those but I swear this pink is different…

*Manish Arora pics courtesy of MAC*

FOTD 10/12

A Purple/Pinky Look

On eyes: Not Pictured: UDPP; Clinique Lash Building Primer; Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara; Maybelline Great Lash Mascara; Jane Pure Mineral Gel Eyeliner in Black (lash line); HIP Eyeliner in Navy (lower lash line)

Pictured : MAC Paint in Mauvism (base); MAC Next To Nothing (tear duct) MAC Romping (lid); HIP Shadows in Charisma & Reckless – purple side (outer corner/crease); HIP Illuminating Highlighter- light side (highlight)

Face and Lips: Not Pictured: Bare Minerals in Deepest Deep & Valana Minerals in Amber Dream; (foundations used as concealer); MAC Blush in Gleeful; MAC Lipglass in Cherry Blossom