They recently built a mall not too far from my house. There's a Best Buy, Marshall's, a Linen and Things or is it Bed Bath and Beyond, not really sure which it is since they're basically the same place. Most importantly there is a Target in DC! I love Target!! Time just seems to escape me when I'm there. Last week I decided to visit and picked up a few things...

A Milani eyeshadow in Atlantis. It's a really pretty bright blue. The CVS and Rite Aids around my way don't carry the single Milani eyeshadows so when I saw it you would have sworn I found the Holy Grail. Of course they only had 3 left so I guess other folks were feeling the same way I was.

Some lashes by NYC. I haven't worn them yet.

Since spring and summer is coming I plan on retiring my blacks and other dark colors for brighter and more vibrant hues. I love, love love the color on the left. The one on the right not so much. The pink is Milani's Cool Vibe. It's a beautiful color especially in the sun. My nails look like candy. I'm impressed with how long it lasts, it took a week for my nails to start chipping. The one on the right is some no name blue by NYC. I'm a tad disappointed since I was expecting it to be darker but it's actually quite sheer. I may have a change of heart next week when I actually wear it.


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