Liners and Removers

Over the last couple of months I've been picking up things here and there. I got some liners and an eye shadow stick.

From top to bottom a green and blue eyeliner by Tropez, a white eyeshadow stick by NIK and a Very Sexy Liquid Liner Pen by Victoria's Secret in Blackout. I like everything but the blue liner. All the other liners went on smooth. The blue was sticky if that makes sense. Then the tip broke and wouldn't sharpen. It was $0.49 on clearance so I'm not mad about it. The liquid liner retails for $12 but I only paid $2 since I used my birthday coupon. It's a lot easier for me to use than my normal HIP cream liner. I haven't mastered the cream liner yet so my lines can be thick and thin at the same time. The eyeshadow stick is a great base. It goes on smooth and blends well.

Normally I use makeup remover towelettes by CVS to take off my makeup. They recently changed the packaging from white to green and I think they also may have changed the some the of the ingredients. The old ones were really moist and did a great job of taking off my eye as well as face makeup. The new ones feel a bit drier and do a horrible job on my eye makeup. My eyes felt like they were stabbed with hot pokers after using them. Oddly enough they still do a really good job on my face. I saw the Almay eye makeup remover pads at National Wholesale Liquidators for like $2.99 and decided to try them.

These are great!! One pad can remove one eye in with just one stroke. It's an oil based remover that is hypo-allergenic as well as moisturizing. I wear contacts and I'm really sensitive about what I put near my eyes. I highly recommend this.

Speaking of makeup removers do not use the makeup remover pads sold at Bed Bath and Beyond. They come in a blue package. Maybe I got a bad package but the ones I used were horrible. They didn't take anything off. They actually turned into paper towels as soon as air hit them.


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