L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tube Mascara

I love mascara and primer combos but I have yet to find one that keeps my attention for more than a week or works better then my beloved Clinique Lash Building primer and Max Factor Volume Couture combo. So when I heard about Loreal Double Extend I got excited then was quickly disappointed. I've had this mascara for a while and didn't like it the first four times around.  Since I got it to try I figure I'd give it a fifth chance.

Get the look of salon lash extensions with the new Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara! This new lash extension effect mascara visibly lengthens your lashes up to an astonishing 80%.

Step 1: Ultra nourishing base coat infused with Ceramide R and D-Panthenol protects and strengthens lashes creating the

Step 2: Ultra-lengthening tube top coat sets to form lash-extending beauty tubes that visibly lengthen lashes to amazing new heights. Beauty tubes will not run, clump, flake or smudge and will stay on all-day.

Step 3: Beauty tubes remove easily with just warm water – no makeup remover or rubbing required!

FAIL!!! Well for me at least. Other folks seemed to have great results for me it didn't do anything.  I was going to do a before and after but don't like it enough to actually wear it again.  Try it you may like it but I would wait for a BOGO and a coupon because I really don't think it's worth the 10.99 CVS is asking for it.


Anonymous said...

*GASP* R u serious?! I love, love, love this mascara!!

April 3, 2009 at 12:09 AM
B said...

It definitely isn't one of my favorites either. It's a fiber mascara so it is hit or mess. I suppose it's okay when layering but even then.....its primer kinda sucks.

April 3, 2009 at 8:43 AM

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