Tag...I'm It!!

The lovely Makeup Fiend, Erin tagged me! This was fun!

where is your cell phone? On my desk, directly in front of me. The blinking red light is my precious…

where is your significant other? Out there thinking sweet thoughts of me…but until that fateful day when we meet I ain’t got one...

your hair color? Right now it’s black/brown with red tips. January 09 it will be blue black.

your mother? Brooklyn, NY

your father? Miami, FL

your favorite thing? Chips and dip, ice cream. I’m so serious about some ice cream…

your dream last night? Don’t remember, I’m sure it was something odd

your dream/goal? Get a license, get a house, kill my debt, sew faster than turtle speed, master a sharp outer corner v, get my meeting planner certificate, start a ministry at church, build a super savings, dabble in real estate

the room you’re in? My cubicle

your hobby? Sewing, makeup, wine, reading and soon to be knitting

your fear? Failure

where do you want to be in 6 years? Married with kids, certified in meeting planning, blogging, chilling, sewing and knitting my life away in my fab house that has concrete floors with my malitpoo

where were you last night? At home trying to fight the itis

what you’re not? Selfish

one two of your wish list items? Sony Vaio laptop and an external hard drive.

where you grew up? Where Brookly, at, where Brooklyn at, where Brooklyn at!!! *regains composure* Brooklyn, NY

the last thing you did? Looked for a colored Christmas tree

what are you wearing? Black and white skirt, white blouse/black sweater combo, black pantyhose and black heels with silver accessories

your tv? Off

your pet? Don’t have one yet but in my mind I have a black maltipoo

your computer? Dell laptop at work Vaio at home

your mood? Happy and full of glee

missing someone? Let me think…no…

your car? Chevy Malibu waiting for me on the lot but until I get my license DC Metro is my ride

something you’re not wearing? Watch

favorite store? Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target, Borders, any fabric store

your summer? Pretty good

love someone? God, fam and friends

your favorite color? Blue

when is the last time you laughed? This morning

last time you cried? Saturday, while watching Inside the Actors Studio. WTH!!!!

are you a b*tch? 3 weeks out of the month no. Catch me on that forth week and you’ll hate me.

favorite position? Ummm…don’t know you like that…

favorite past time? Sewing, makeup, shopping, reading and eating

are you a hater or a lover? A lover

are you genuine or fake? Genuine

any vices? I get really annoyed really easy and really quickly

pro life or wire hanger? NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!! I had to say it... Pro-choice over here.

mccain or obama? Umm…really...surely you jest…Obama.

pro plastic or natural? Depends on what it is

dream job? Meeting planner by day blogger/super seamstress extraordinaire by night

Everyone I want to tag I think has been tagged, but if you haven’t been tagged consider yourself tagged now!


Erin said...

I enjoyed reading that!!

I LOL'ed @ NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!! LOL. I thought the SAME thing when I was doing the survey.

December 8, 2008 at 2:43 PM
Seymone said...

Where BK at? We right here yo. LOL.. I loved reading ur survey.

December 8, 2008 at 3:49 PM
yummy411 said...

why am i addicted and allergic to icecream all at the same time? so what's your fave icecream yo???

December 8, 2008 at 7:04 PM
Amina said...

I looved reading your post!!
I loove ice cream too!!
You have great goals!!!

December 8, 2008 at 7:20 PM
SuzieC said...

@ Erin - It made me want to get my Joan Crawford on...lol

@ Seymone - BK in the house!!

@ yummy - Right now I'm in a serious cake batter phase, in particular Turkey Hill Party Cake ice cream. It taste like cake batter and has bits of cake and sprinkles in it! All time fave chocolate cookie dough. With a little love going to Hagen Daz Mango ice cream and Ben and Jerry's Half Baked. I told you I was serious!!!

@ Amina - Thanks love! Ice cream brings me such joy!

December 9, 2008 at 9:11 AM

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